LCMHC Information

A "Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor" is a person engaged in the practice of counseling who holds a license as a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor issued under the provisions of the North Carolina Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors Act.

Important Reminders for LCMHCs

Update Your Information

Address Changes (Rule .0602(b))

The licensee shall inform the Board of any change in his or her mailing address within 60 days after any change. Updated address information shall be submitted online via the licensee portal or by mail using the change of address form.

Moving to another State

The Board does not have an “inactive or hold” status for licensure. If moving outside of the state licensees may still choose to keep the license active by completing the biennial renewal. However, if a licensee fails to renew their license within one year of their date of expiration, the license shall be reissued only upon a new application for a license. All current licensure requirements shall apply to the new application.

Name Changes (Rule .0602(c))

The licensee shall inform the Board of any change in his or her name within 60 days after any change. A name change form shall be submitted and must include any required legal documentation, such as a marriage certificate, divorce decree, or court order.

Professional Disclosure Statements Updates (Rule .0204)

A current copy of this statement shall be provided to each client prior to the performance of professional counseling services. The counselor shall retain a file copy of the Professional Disclosure Statement signed by each client. An updated Professional Disclosure Statement (PDS) shall be submitted at the time of renewal to the Board's office.

Document Requests

Duplicate Licenses

In response to questions about ordering additional or replacement certificates, you may do so by sending a letter to the Board office stating your reasons for the request. Each additional certificate is $15. Your written request should include a check for the number of certificates needed, made payable to NCBLCMHC, and the Board payment form. The certificate remains the property of the North Carolina Board of Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors, which has the authority to suspend or revoke licenses for legal and/or ethical violations.

Licensure Verifications

Licensure can be verified online for free using the public information service provided by the Board. Citizens may utilize the online verification service to review the status of licensees in the state of North Carolina. If you need the Board to provide written verification of your license you may request license verifications by using the payment form or the online portal. License verifications are $5 each and take up to 2 weeks to process.


Newly issued licenses shall be effective upon the date of issuance by the Board and shall expire on the second June 30 thereafter. The renewal period for a newly issued license may be less than two years. Following the first renewal of a newly issued license, the renewal period is two years and runs from July 1 in the first year through June 30 in the second year. In order to keep the LCMHC license active licensees are required to renew their license no later than the June 20th prior to the expiration of the license. The LCMHCA license must be active, prior to applying for LCMHC licensure.

For more information regarding renewals, please visit the Renewals page.

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